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Manual page for SHOWREV(8)

showrev - show machine and software revision information


/usr/etc/showrev [ -a ] [ -p ] [ [ -c ] command ]


showrev displays revision information for the current hardware and software. With no arguments, showrev shows the system revision information including hostname, hostid, kernel architecture, application architecture, kernel revision and release. On SunOS 4.1.1 Rev B or later, OS release revision, OpenWindows version, Sunview version and patch information may also be displayed.

If a command is supplied with the -c option, showrev shows the PATH and finds out all the directories that contain it. For each file found, its library information, SCCS Id, permission and checksum are printed as well.


Print all system revision information available. Window system and patch information are added.
Print only the revision information about patches.
-c command
Print the revision information about command.


system architecture information
hostname information
general host information
OS release information - kernel name
SunView executable
OS release revision information
patch release information


arch.1 cc(1V), ldd.1 sum.1 sccs.1 what.1

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