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Manual page for RFUDAEMON(8)

rfudaemon - Remote File Sharing daemon




This program is available with the RFS software installation option. Refer to [a manual with the abbreviation INSTALL] for information on how to install optional software.


The RFS daemon, rfudaemon, is started automatically by rfstart.8 and runs as a daemon process while Remote File Sharing is active. It listens for unexpected events, such as broken network connections and forced unmounts, and invokes rfuadmin.8 to execute the appropriate administrative procedures. Events recognized by rfudaemon are as follows:
A link to a remote resource has been cut. rfudaemon executes rfuadmin, with two arguments: disconnect and the name of the disconnected resource.
A remote server machine has forced an unmount of a resource a local machine has mounted. rfudaemon executes rfuadmin, with two arguments: fumount and the name of the disconnected resource.
A remote user-level program has sent a message to the local rfudaemon. Currently the only message sent is fuwarn, which notifies rfuadmin that a resource is about to be unmounted. rfudaemon sends rfuadmin the fuwarn, the resource name, and the number of seconds in which the forced unmount will occur.
The local machine wants to stop the rfudaemon (rfstop(8)). This causes rfudaemon to exit.


rfstart.8 rfstop.8 rfuadmin.8

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