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Manual page for QUOT(8)

quot - summarize file system ownership


/usr/etc/quot [ -acfhnv ] [ filesystem ]


quot displays the number of blocks (1024 bytes) in the named filesystem currently owned by each user.


Generate a report for all mounted file systems.
Display three columns giving file size in blocks, number of files of that size, and cumulative total of blocks in that size or smaller file.
Display count of number of files as well as space owned by each user.
Estimate the number of blocks in the file -- this doesn't account for files with holes in them.
Run the pipeline ncheck filesystem | sort +0n | quot -n filesystem to produce a list of all files and their owners.
Display three columns containing the number of blocks not accessed in the last 30, 60, and 90 days.


mounted file systems
to get user names


du.1v ls.1v

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