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Manual page for PNPD(8C)

pnpd - PNP daemon




Available only on Sun 386i systems running a SunOS 4.0.x release or earlier. Not a SunOS 4.1 release feature.


pnpd is used during routine booting of systems to determine their network configuration, and by new systems to configure themselves on a network. pnpd adds and removes diskless clients of the boot server on which it is running. The pnpd daemon is normally invoked in rc.local. The RPCs are used by netconfig.8c pnp.s386 (see pnpboot.8c and client.8

The bootservers Network Information Service (NIS) map specifies limits on server capacity and default swap size.


symbolic link to /export/exec/arch.release
symbolic link to /usr for the architecture
root binaries


pnp.3r client.8 ipallocd.8c netconfig.8c pnpboot.8c


The Network Information Service (NIS) was formerly known as Sun Yellow Pages (YP). The functionality of the two remains the same; only the name has changed.

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