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Manual page for NCHECK(8)

ncheck - generate names from i-numbers


/usr/etc/ncheck [ -i numbers ] [ -as ] filesystem


For most normal file system maintenance, the function of ncheck is subsumed by fsck.8

ncheck generates a pathname versus i-number list of files for the indicated filesystem. Names of directory files are followed by `.'

The report is in no useful order, and probably should be sorted.


-i numbers
Report only those files whose i-numbers follow.
Print the names `.' and `..', which are ordinarily suppressed.
Report only special files and files with set-user-ID mode. This is intended to discover concealed violations of security policy.


sort.1v dcheck.8 fsck.8 icheck.8


When the filesystem structure is improper, `??' denotes the ``parent'' of a parentless file and a pathname beginning with `...' denotes a loop.

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