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Manual page for MAKEDEV(8)

makedev, MAKEDEV - make system special files


/dev/MAKEDEV device-name ...


MAKEDEV is a shell script normally used to install special files. It resides in the /dev directory, as this is the normal location of special files. Arguments to MAKEDEV are usually of the form device-name? where device-name is one of the supported devices listed in section 4 of the manual and `?' is a logical unit number (0-9). A few special arguments create assorted collections of devices and are listed below.
Create the standard devices for the system; for example, /dev/console, /dev/tty.
Create those devices specific to the local site. This request runs the shell file /dev/MAKEDEV.local. Site specific commands, such as those used to setup dialup lines as ``ttyd?'' should be included in this file.

Since all devices are created using mknod.8 this shell script is useful only to the super-user.


/dev/console /dev/MAKEDEV.local /dev/tty


intro.4 config.8 mknod.8


Either self-explanatory, or generated by one of the programs called from the script. Use sh -x MAKEDEV in case of trouble.

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