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Manual page for HOSTCONFIG(8C)

hostconfig - configure a system's host parameters


/usr/etc/hostconfig -p protocol [ -d ] [ -v ] [ -n ] [ -i interface ] [ -f hostname ]


The hostconfig program uses a network protocol to acquire a machine's ``host parameters'' and then sets these parameters on the system. The program selects which protocol to use based on the argument to the required -p flag. Different protocols may set different host parameters. Currently, two protocols are defined but only one protocol is supported.


-p bootparams
Use the ``whoami'' call of the Sun RPC ``bootparams'' protocol. This sets the system's hostname, domainname, and default IP router parameters.
-p bootp
Use the BOOTP protocol [not currently supported].
Enable ``debug'' output.
Enable verbose output.
Run the network protocol, but do not set the acquired parameters into the system.
-i interface
Use only the named network interface to run the protocol.
-f hostname
Run the protocol as if this machine were named hostname.


To configure a machine's host parameters using the ``bootparams whoami'' protocol, getting a verbose output:

hostconfig -p bootparams -v

To see what parameters would be set using the ``bootparams whoami'' protocol:

hostconfig -p bootparams -n -v


hostname.1 domainname.1 bootparam.3r route.8c

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