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Manual page for EXPORTFS(8)

exportfs - export and unexport directories to NFS clients


/usr/etc/exportfs [ -aiuv ] [ -o options ] [ pathname ]


exportfs makes a local directory or filename available for mounting over the network by NFS clients. It is normally invoked at boot time by the /etc/rc.local script, and uses information contained in the /etc/exports file to export pathname (which must be specified as a full pathname). The super-user can run exportfs at any time to alter the list or characteristics of exported directories and filenames. Directories and files that are currently exported are listed in the file /etc/xtab.

With no options or arguments, exportfs prints out the list of directories and filenames currently exported.


All. Export all pathnames listed in /etc/exports, or if -u is specified, unexport all of the currently exported pathnames.
Ignore the options in /etc/exports. Normally, exportfs will consult /etc/exports for the options associated with the exported pathname.
Unexport the indicated pathnames.
Verbose. Print each directory or filename as it is exported or unexported.
-o options
Specify a comma-separated list of optional characteristics for the pathname being exported. options can be selected from among:
Export the pathname read-only. If not specified, the pathname is exported read-write.
Export the pathname read-mostly. Read-mostly means exported read-only to most machines, but read-write to those specified. If not specified, the pathname is exported read-write to all.
If a request comes from an unknown user, use UID as the effective user ID. Note: root users (UID 0) are always considered ``unknown'' by the NFS server, unless they are included in the root option below. The default value for this option is the UID of the user ``nobody''. If the user ``nobody'' does not exist then the value 65534 is used. Setting the value of ``anon'' to 65535 disables anonymous access. Note: by default secure NFS accepts insecure requests as anonymous, and those wishing for extra security can disable this feature by setting ``anon'' to 65535.
Give root access only to the root users from a specified hostname. The default is for no hosts to be granted root access.
Give mount access to each client listed. A client can either be a hostname, or a netgroup (see netgroup.5 Each client in the list is first checked for in the /etc/hosts database, and then the /etc/netgroup database. The default value allows any machine to mount the given directory.
Require clients to use a more secure protocol when accessing the directory.


static export information
current state of exported pathnames


exports.5 netgroup.5 showmount.8


You cannot export a directory that is either a parent- or a sub-directory of one that is currently exported and within the same filesystem. It would be illegal, for example, to export both /usr and /usr/local if both directories resided in the same disk partition.

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