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Manual page for DKINFO(8)

dkinfo - report information about a disk's geometry and partitioning


/usr/etc/dkinfo disk [ partition ]


dkinfo gives the total number of cylinders, heads, and sectors or tracks on the specified disk, and gives this information along with the starting cylinder for the specified partition. If no partition is specified on the command line, dkinfo reports on all partitions.

The disk specification here is a disk name of the form xxn, where xx is the controller device abbreviation (ip, xy, etc.) and n is the disk number. The partition specification is simply the letter used to identify that partition in the standard UNIX system nomenclature. For example, `/usr/etc/dkinfo xy0' reports on the first disk in a system controlled by a Xylogics controller; `/usr/etc/dkinfo xy0g' reports on the seventh partition of such a disk.


A request for information on my local disk, an 84 MByte disk controlled by a Xylogics 450 controller, might look like this:

#/usr/etc/dkinfo xy0
xy0: Xylogics 450 controller at addr ee40, unit # 0
586  cylinders 7 heads 32 sectors/track
a: 15884 sectors (70 cyls, 6 tracks, 12 sectors)
starting cylinder 0
b: 33440 sectors (149 cyls, 2 tracks)
starting cylinder 71
c: 131264 sectors (586 cyls)
starting cylinder 0
d: No such device or address
e: No such device or address
f: No such device or address
g: 81760 sectors (365 cyls)
starting cylinder 221
h: No such device or address




dkio.4s format.8s

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