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Manual page for CHANGE_LOGIN(8)

change_login - control screen blanking and choice of login utility




Available only on Sun 386i systems running a SunOS 4.0.x release or earlier. Not a SunOS 4.1 release feature.


To prolong the life of your monitor, your Sun386i system turns off the screen display if you have not used the keyboard or mouse for 30 minutes or more. To see the screen again, simply move the mouse on the pad or press any key. This feature is normally enabled automatically when you log in, but you can control it using the change_login command as explained below.

This command also determines whether you log into your workstation using the Sun386i login screen, logintool.8 or through a traditional login: prompt.

The screen blanking choices available with change_login are:

1. Logintool and Sun Logo screenblank
Enables screen blanking. When blank, the system displays the Sun logo moving randomly around an otherwise dark screen.
2. Logintool and video-off screenblank
Shuts off the video output to your monitor when the screen goes blank. This is the most efficient type of screen blanking. The Desktop is almost instantly redisplayed when you move the mouse or begin typing.
3. Logintool and no screenblank
Retains the login screen, but disables screen blanking.
4. No Logintool and no screenblank
Disables both the login screen and screen blanking.


The following is an example of change_login. Notice you must be super-user to use this command.

example# change_login

This program will check what login and screenblank options are set on this workstation, and allow you to choose other options, if you are logged in as superuser.

Do you want to do this? [y or n]: y

This workstation is set up to use logintool and a screenblank program that displays a Sun logo graphic.

These are the available options:

+ 1. Logintool and Sun Logo screenblank 2. Logintool and video-off screenblank 3. Logintool and no screenblank 4. No Logintool and no screenblank

+ indicates the current configuration

You must be logged in as superuser to change the current setting.

Follow the instructions in Sun386i System Setup and Maintenance or Sun386i Advanced Administration to shut down and then restart your system. The setting chosen in the above example will not be enabled until you have restarted your system.


login.1 screenblank.1 su.1v logintool.8

Sun386i Advanced Skills
Sun386i System Setup and Maintenance
Sun386i Advanced Administration

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