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Manual page for C2CONV(8)

C2conv, C2unconv - convert system to or from C2 security





This program is available with the Security software installation option. Refer to [a manual with the abbreviation INSTALL] for information on how to install optional software.


C2conv converts a standard SunOS system to operate with C2-level security.

The program prompts for information regarding the Secure NFS option, client systems (if the system is an NFS server for diskless clients), audit devices (if it is an audit file server), and names of file systems (if there is a remote audit server). The program also requests certain information for the audit_control.5 file; default values may be used for audit flags and for the "minfree" value. Finally, it requests the mail address to be used (by mail.1 when C2 administrative tasks are required. The default address is root for the host being converted.

Once it has this information, C2conv uses it to set up the necessary files for a C2 secure system, reporting on its progress as it proceeds.

C2unconv backs out the changes made to /etc/passwd and /etc/group. It does not back out changes to other files.





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