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Manual page for TM(4S)

tm - Tapemaster 1/2 inch tape controller


controller tm0 at vme16d16 ? csr 0xa0 priority 3 vector tmintr 0x60
controller tm1 at vme16d16 ? csr 0xa2 priority 3 vector tmintr 0x61
tape mt0 at tm0 drive 0 flags 1
tape mt0 at tm1 drive 0 flags 1


The Tapemaster tape controller controls Pertec-interface 1/2'' tape drives such as the CDC Keystone, providing a standard tape interface to the device, see mtio.4 This controller supports single-density or speed drives.

The tm driver supports the character device interface. The driver returns an ENOTTY error on unsupported ioctls.

The tm driver does not support the backspace file to beginning of file (MTNBSF n) command. The equivalent positioning can be obtained by using MTBSF (n+1) followed by MTFSF 1.

Half-inch reel tape devices do not support the retension ioctl.




mt.1 tar.1 mtio.4 st(4S), xt(4S)


The Tapemaster controller does not provide for byte-swapping and the resultant system overhead prevents streaming transports from streaming.

The system should remember which controlling terminal has the tape drive open and write error messages to that terminal rather than on the console.

The Tapemaster controller is not supported on Sun-4 systems.


The Tapemaster interface will not be supported in a future release. The Xylogics 472 controller and xt driver replace the Tapemaster controller and tm driver.

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