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Manual page for RFS(4)

rfs, RFS - remote file sharing


options   RFS
options   VFSSTATS


Available only with the RFS software installation option. Refer to [a manual with the abbreviation INSTALL] for information on how to install optional software.


The Remote File Sharing service, or RFS, allows transparent resource sharing among hosts on a network. A resource can be a directory, the files contained in that directory, subdirectories, devices, and even named pipes. Resources are advertised as a local directory using the name services. Hosts can then mount these resources, and use them as they would a local file system. The host advertising the resource is a file server, the hosts mounting the resource are clients.

All file servers and clients on a network belong to an RFS domain, and are administered by the same RFS name server. A domain consists of the following:

The name server maintains a list of advertised resources, and passwords in use. The name server also provides name-to-resource mapping. This allows a client to mount an advertised resource by the resource name, without needing to know the name of the file server or the pathname of the directory.


hosts providing domain name service


clone.4 nit_buf.4m nit_pm.4m tcptli.4p timod.4 tirdwr.4 rfadmin.8 rfstart.8 rfudaemon.8 rmntstat.8

[a manual with the abbreviation ADMIN]

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