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Manual page for KBD(4S)

kbd - Sun keyboard


None; included in standard system.


The kbd device provides access to the Sun Workstation keyboard. When opened, it provides access to the standard keyboard device for the workstation (attached either to a CPU serial or parallel port). It is a multiplexing driver; a stream referring to the standard keyboard device, with the kb.4m and ttcompat.4m STREAMS modules pushed on top of that device, is linked below it. Normally, this device passes input to the ``workstation console'' driver, which is linked above a special minor device of kbd, so that keystrokes appear as input on /dev/console; the KIOCSDIRECT ioctl must be used to direct input towards or away from the /dev/kbd device.


The argument is a pointer to an int. If the value in the int pointed to by the argument is 1, subsequent keystrokes typed on the system keyboard will sent to /dev/kbd; if it is 0, subsequent keystrokes will be sent to the ``workstation console'' device. When the last process that has /dev/kbd open closes it, if keystrokes had been sent to /dev/kbd they are redirected back to the ``workstation console'' device.
The argument is a pointer to an int. If keystrokes are currently being sent to /dev/kbd, 1 is stored in the int pointed to by the argument; if keystrokes are currently being sent to the ``workstation console'' device, 0 is stored there.




console.4s kb.4m ttcompat.4m win.4s zs.4s

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