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Manual page for IPI(4S)

ipi - IPI driver


controller	ipi cpu-type at nexus ?


The controller line above declares the pseudo-bus IPI, providing a connection between IPI device drivers and IPI channel drivers (also known as host adaptor drivers). Declaring the bus pulls in this middle layer of the IPI drivers, so the IPI bus declaration should be omitted if there are no IPI drivers. See id.4s and is.4s The cpu-type number should be the same as that used in the obio declaration.


This driver supports only an interface to other drivers, and therefore does not have any special file access to user programs.


id.4s is.4s


ipi_alloc csf: invalid IPI address
A device driver called ipi_alloc() for a device on a non-existent channel or for an illegal slave address.
ipi_async: ipi csf slave number out of range
A channel driver called ipi_async() with a response packet containing an illegal slave address.
ipi_setup csf: invalid IPI address
An IPI device driver used an incorrect IPI address. The channel, slave, or facility number was out of range. This could be a configuration problem.
ipi csf: channel not configured
This message is printed when a channel driver makes an invalid call to the IPI driver.
ipi_async: IPI channel c not configured
The channel driver made an invalid call to ipi_async().
ipi_channel: No memory to add channel c
Dynamic memory allocation failed.
ipi_channel: no memory to alloc channel c
Dynamic memory allocation failed.
ipi_channel: channel c already defined
A channel driver tried to add a channel which was previously assigned to a channel driver. This could be caused by a configuration problem.
ipi_free_chan: channel c not allocated
A channel driver attempted to delete a channel which had never been added.
ipi channel c deleted
A channel driver deleted the channel because the channel device failed to respond.
ipi: assign_refnum: q addr already has refnum r
A command reference number is being assigned to a command that already had a reference number. This indicates a driver problem.
free_refnum: q addr refnum r lookup l-addr
The driver was freeing an IPI request at address addr, and found that the reference number it used, r, was assigned to another request at address l-addr.
ipi_lookup: found wrong command for refnum
ipi_lookup: looking for r, found fr q addr
The driver was looking for a command with a particular reference number, r, but the lookup table found one with a different reference number, fr. These messages are always received together.
ipi csf: missing interrupt. refnum r
The driver detected that a command took longer than the device driver expected it to take. This message will be followed by other messages from the device driver.

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