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Manual page for FB(4S)

fb - driver for Sun console frame buffer


None; included in standard system.


The fb driver provides indirect access to a Sun frame buffer. It is an indirect driver for the Sun workstation console's frame buffer. At boot time, the workstation's frame buffer device is determined from information from the PROM monitor and set to be the one that fb will indirect to. The device driver for the console's frame buffer must be configured into the kernel so that this indirect driver can access it.

The idea behind this driver is that user programs can open a known device, query its characteristics and access it in a device dependent way, depending on the type. fb redirects open.2v close.2v ioctl.2 and mmap.2 calls to the real frame buffer. All Sun frame buffers support the same general interface; see fbio.4s




close.2v ioctl.2 mmap.2 open.2v fbio.4s

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