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Manual page for CGEIGHT(4S)

cgeight - 24-bit color memory frame buffer


device cgeight0 at obmem 7 csr 0xff300000 priority 4
device cgeight0 at obio 4 csr 0xfb300000 priority 4

The first synopsis line should be used to generate a kernel for the Sun-3/60; the second synopsis for a Sun-4/110 or Sun-4/150 system.


device cgeight0 at obio ? csr 0x50300000 priority 4


The cgeight is a 24-bit color memory frame buffer with a monochrome overlay plane and an overlay enable plane implemented optionally on the Sun-4/110, Sun-4/150, Sun-3/60, Sun-3/470 and Sun-3/80 system models. It provides the standard frame buffer interface as defined in fbio.4s

In addition to the ioctls described under fbio.4s the cgeight interface responds to two cgeight-specific colormap ioctls, FBIOPUTCMAP and FBIOGETCMAP. FBIOPUTCMAP returns no information other than success/failure using the ioctl return value. FBIOGETCMAP returns its information in the arrays pointed to by the red, green, and blue members of its fbcmap structure argument; fbcmap is defined in <sun/fbio.h> as:

struct fbcmap {
	int		index;		/* first element (0 origin) */
	int		count;		/* number of elements */
	unsigned char	*red;		/* red color map elements */
	unsigned char	*green;		/* green color map elements */
	unsigned char	*blue;		/* blue color map elements */

The driver uses color board vertical-retrace interrupts to load the colormap.

The systems have an overlay plane colormap, which is accessed by encoding the plane group into the index value with the PIX_GROUP macro (see <pixrect/pr_planegroups.h>).

When using the mmap system call to map in the cgeight frame buffer. The device looks like:

DACBASE: 0x200000 	-> Brooktree Ramdac		16 bytes
	 0x202000 	-> P4 Regiter			 4 bytes
OVLBASE: 0x210000	-> Overlay Plane		1152x900x1
	 0x230000	-> Overlay Enable Planea	1152x900x1
	 0x250000	-> 24-bit Frame Buffera		1152x900x32




mmap.2 fbio.4s

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