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13.1.  Who was Alan Turing?

1912 (23 June)    Birth, Paddington, London
1926              Sherborne School
1928              Studies relativity
1930              Death of friend Christopher Morcom
1931              Undergraduate at King's College, Cambridge University
1932-35           Studies quantum mechanics, probability, logic
1935              Fellow of King's College, Cambridge
1936              The Turing machine: On Computable Numbers... submitted
1936-38           At Princeton University. Ph.D. Papers in logic,
                  algebra, number theory
1938-39           Return to Cambridge. Work on breaking
                  the German Enigma cipher
1940              Machine for Enigma decryption
1940-42           Breaking of U-boat Enigma cipher
1943-45           Chief Anglo-American consultant. Introduction to electronics
1945              National Physical Laboratory, London
1946              Computer design, leading the world, formally accepted
1947-48           Papers on software design, neural nets,
                  and prospects for artificial intelligence
1948              Leaves National Physical Laboratory with plan unfulfilled
1948              Manchester University
1949              Work on programming and first use of a computer
1950              The Turing Test
1951              Elected FRS. Paper on non-linear morphogenesis theory
1952              Arrest, trial, loss of security clearance
1953-54           Unfinished work in biology and physics
1954 (7 June)     Death by cyanide poisoning, Wilmslow, Cheshire.

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