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10.16.  HTML

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<TITLE>Hans-Peter Bischof</TITLE>

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<H1>Hans-Peter Bischof</H1>

<H2>Contact Information</H2>
    <LI>Office: 110 Snygg Hall
    <LI>Phone : 315-341-2687
    <LI>Email : bischof
<H2>Teaching Schedule, Spring, 1996</H2>
    <LI><A HREF="../csc/csc212.txt">CSC212</A>-L51
    <LI><A HREF="./212">212 Notes</A>
    <LI><A HREF="../csc/csc214.txt">CSC214</A>
    <LI><A HREF="./214">214 Notes</A>
    <LI><A HREF="../csc/csc221.txt">CSC221</A>
    <LI><A HREF="./221">221 Notes</A>
<H2>Office Hours</H2>
    <LI>WF 1:00-2:30
    <LI>and by appointment
<H2>Professional Activities and Interests</H2>
    <LI>Operating Systems
    <LI>Compiler Design
    <LI>Graphical User Interface Systems
<H2>Professional Information</H2>
    <LI>MS - University of Ulm
    <LI>PhD - University of Osnabrueck
<H2>Under Construction</H2>
    <LI><A HREF="./OswegoTour/index.html">A view pictures</A>
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Comments to author: <A HREF="mailto:bischof">Hans-Peter Bischof</A><BR>

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