RIT Department of Computer Science
Computer Graphics and Visualization

The Computer Graphics and Visualization Cluster provides the technical foundations for graduate studies in Computer Graphics and Image Understanding. Areas for further study include Graphics Programming, Rendering and Image Synthesis, Computer Animation and Virtual Reality, Image Processing and Analysis, and Data Visualization.

Computer Graphics and Visualization Faculty

Name Research Interests
Reynold Bailey Applied Perception in Graphics, Interactive Techniques
Hans-Peter Bischof  Visualization,  High Performance File Systems
Warren Carithers Computer Graphics, Computers and Music
Joe Geigel Virtual and Augmented Reality, Facial Expressions Analysis, Graphics and Live Performance
Sean Strout
Computer Graphics
Linwei Wang   Computational Biomedicine

Associated Laboratories

Computer Graphics and Visualziation Courses 

All course codes begin with the prefix "CSCI-" (used for Computer Science).   Undergraduates specializing in Computer Graphics and Visualization are required to take CSCI-510 and an additional two courses. Graduate students specializing in Computer Graphics and Visualization are required to take CSCI-610 and two additional graduate courses

Please Note: Undergraduate students may take a number of CG&V graduate courses with permission of the course instructor, or the graduate coordinator. CSCI-519 and CSCI-719 are special topics courses, whose subject will be chosen by the instructor when offered.


510 Introduction to Computer Graphics Fall / Spring
519 Seminar in Computer Graphics as needed


610 Foundations of Computer Graphics Fall / Spring
711 Global Illumination Spring
712 Computer Animation: Algorithms + Techniques Fall (odd years)
713 Applied Perception in Graphics and Visualization Fall
714 Scientific Visualization Spring
715 Applications in Virtual Reality Fall (even years)
739 Topics in Computer Graphics (Seminar) as needed