Here are sample results obtained using the keyword spotting module of the AccessMath project. A number of spoken words and phrases were manually extracted from a set of introductory Linear Algebra lecture videos, and then used to search for similar utterances in lectures. Below are links to videos which contain indices comprised of the top 20 hits generated by the keyword spotting system, for 20 query keywords (400 hits in total).

Lecture Videos: The example RIT video(s) shown below were recorded by our group at RIT, in an empty classroom with two student assistants, at least one of which was taking notes on a laptop (we have not yet released all the videos in this collection, unfortunately). The MIT lectures were obtained from MIT OpenCourseWare (Course: Gilbert Strang. 18.06 Linear Algebra, Spring 2010). (Accessed 16 Oct, 2015; License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA). Our sincerest thanks go to Dr. Strang and the Massachussets Institute of Technology for making these videos publicly available.

Results: Viewing and Organizing Hits

Note: The viewer is most easily used after stretching your browser window to make it wide.

To view results, select a lecture video below. Click on the 'Build Tree' button to see the index of hits for this video, if it is not already visible. Additional operations:

  • Delete: All automatically generated hits in the top-20 are shown, and some are incorrect. You can delete hits using the 'Delete' button.
  • Create Folder: You can also 'Create' new folders, reorder hits using the mouse, and drag-and-drop hits into different folders.
  • Load/Save Index Files: You can also 'Save' the current index as a text file, and later reload them by clicking on the 'Browse' button.
Example RIT Lecture --- Example MIT OCW Lecture Examples

RIT Linear Algebra Lecture Example

We have presented a subset of hits generated by the keyword spotting system using RIT lecture dataset. These hits are also organized in different folders (for display purposes only) to show how a final index might look.

Queries (20): These queries are recorded on a laptop and then used to search lectures: Augmented, Coefficients, Dimensional, Echelon Form of a Marix, Independent, Linear Span, Multiplicative, Orthogonal, Reduce, Row Reduced, Solution, System, System of Equations, Transpose, Variable, Zero Vector, Consistent, Homogeneous, Non Homogeneous, Closure

MIT OCW Linear Algebra Lectures

Note: Some lectures are missing because they contain none of the top 20 hits.

Queries (20): One instance of the following keywords was extracted manually from the lectures, and then used for search: Augmented, Coefficients, Dimensional, Echelon Form, Elimination, Identity Matrix, Independent, Invertible, Linear Combination, Multiplication, Orthogonal, Pivot, Reduce, Reduced Row, Solution, System, System of Equations, Transpose, Variable, Zero Vector