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Software: Demos and Source Code

GitHub Page (dprl@RIT)

Please Note: whenever possible, we use licenses that impose no restrictions for non-commercial use of our systems.


AccessMath: Whiteboard Video Summarization

(K. Davila, Nov. 2017) Generating keyframe summaries of lecture videos containing only whiteboard contents. The system works with single-shot recordings of lecture videos. Released as a companion to Kenny's ICDAR 2017 paper on the same work. This work was later used to support keyframe-based video navigation, and cross-modal visual math search (for the Tangent-V (visual) search engine; details: K. Davila's PhD dissertation).

DPRL Natural Scene Text Detector

(S. Zhu, Apr. 2016) The code below was used to produce the results published in Siyu Zhu's 2016 CVPR paper, A Text Detection System for Natural Scenes with Convolutional Feature Learning and Cascaded Classification, which obtained state-of-the-art results on the ICDAR 2015 Focused Scene Text Detection task at the time of publication.

The Tangent Math Search Engine

Math Entry Interfaces

CROHME Handwritten Math Recognition Competitions (web page)

US Patent Office (USPTO) Figure and Part Label Detection Competition

Evaluation Tools