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AccessMath (New! July 2017)
Lecture video summarization + navigation + visual math search
(K. Davila)

min math search interface
(R. Pospesel, K. Hart, D. Stalnaker, C. Sasarak, L. Hu, S. Zhu, A. Orakwue, K. Davila)
(ca. 2014 demonstration video)

Text detection
in natural scenes and diagrams
(S. Zhu)


Keyword Spotting in Lecture Videos
(Z. Miller, M. Kanadje)

Tangent math search engine
(D. Stalnaker, N. Pattaniyil, K. Davila) (D. Stalnaker, N. Pattaniyil, K. Davila)

Recognition Strategy Library (RSL)
(B. Holm, C. Sasarak, K. Talmadge)


(K. Kluever)

Pen-based math search
(L. Yu)

Freehand Formula Entry System
(Smithies, Zanibbi et al.)


LgEval pattern recognition
evaluation library
(R. Zanibbi, H. Mouchere)

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