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Fall Term Schedule

Week Topics Links to Published Code, Assignments and Readings Details and Due Dates
wk 01
Basic Functions,
Turtle Drawing
Notes and Code
Homework 01
Lab 01.
Ch. 1, Ch. 3
Ch. 5 (Functions)
Python and PyCharm Setup Instructions
Homework is due Friday.
Lab and Recitation are on Day2 or Day3 based on your Group A/B assignment.
Lab assignments are hard-copy only, delivered in the problem-solving session.
wk 02
Parameters and Argument Values,
Conditional Statements,
Initialization from inputs,
'Fruitful' Functions,
Types & Scope
Notes and Code
Homework 02
Lab 02.
Ch. 4 (conditionals),
Ch. 5 (Functions)
Lab 01 is due Tuesday.
Homework is due Friday.
wk 03
Notes and Code
Homework 03
Lab 03.
Lab 02 is due Tuesday.
Homework is due Friday.
No class on Labor Day, 09/07.
Day2 is Lecture.
The first hour of Day3 is a recitation session for everyone, and the second hour of Day3 is a problem-solving session for everyone. The lab is due the following Tuesday.
There is NO in-lab session.
wk 04
From Recursion to Iteration: while Loops, break,
& Assignment
Notes and Code.
Homework 04.
Lab 04.
Ch. 2 (Assignment).
Ch. 4 (Loops).
Lab 03 is due Tuesday.
Homework is due Friday.
wk 05
for loops,
Notes and Code.
Homework 05.
Lab 05.
Ch. 6, Ch. 8.
Lab 04 is due Tuesday.
Homework is due Friday.

Lab 05 is due Tuesday of the week after next week's exams.
wk 06
Testing & Debugging,

Written Exam 1 and Practical Exam
Notes and Code.
Homework 06.
No Lab.

Written Exam and Practical Exam scheduling depends on your A/B group and your section's meeting time. Consult your instructor.
Lecture is Day1.
Homework is due Friday.
Practical Exam is a live-coding exercise.
Your instructor will provide details.
wk 07
Python Lists and Tuples,
Searching, Sorting
& Complexity
Notes and Code.
Homework 07.
Lab 06.
Ch. 7 (Lists, Data Structures)
Lab 05 is due Tuesday.
Homework is due Friday.
Groups A and B switch Lab and Recitation days.
wk 08
Optimal Sorting Algorithms
Notes and Code.
Homework 08.
No Lab.
Please read the Recitation on your own.
Homework 8 is due Sunday, October 18.
Lab 06 is due Tuesday.
Columbus Day Schedule: Monday & Tuesday are holidays.
There is only one class day -- a lecture on Wednesday for MWF sections and on Thursday for MTR sections.
wk 09
Python Dictionaries,
User-defined structures
Notes and Code.
Homework 09.
Lab 07.
Homework is due Friday.
wk 10
Structural Recursion: Linked Structures
Notes and Code.
Homework 10.
Lab 08.
Lab 07 is due Tuesday.
Homework is due Friday.
wk 11
Stacks & Queues Notes and Code.
Homework 11.
Lab 09.
Lab 08 is due Tuesday.
Homework is due Friday.

Lab 09 is due Tuesday of the week after next week's exams.

Look up your final exams on SIS.
Notify your instructor of final exam conflicts.
wk 12
Project Lecture

Exam 2

Project assigned.
No Homework.
No Lab.
Exam has only a written portion.
see your instructor for the exam schedule
wk 13
Notes and Code.
No Homework.
Lab 10.
Lab 09 is due Tuesday.
Carpe Diem Lunae
(This week is unnumbered in CSCI 141.)
Lab 10 is due Tuesday.
No classes for this course, but Instructors may have office hours in lieu of lecture on Monday.
wk 14
Notes and Code.
Homework 12.
No Lab.
Project is due Tuesday.
Homework is due Friday.
wk 15
Review Lecture
Review Handout Worksheet

Final Exams Begin Wednesday 12/09/2020
Final Exam: TBD 12/TBD/2020 TBD
See your instructor and SIS for the exam location.