Combinatorialists I have Known

The pictures on this page were made by Brendan McKay using Adobe Photoshop. The victims are members of the Combinatorics community, all of them known for having a great sense of humour...

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Robert Aldred
Brian Alspach
Richard Anstee
Liz Billington
Bela Bollobas
Adrian Bondy
Paul Bonnington
Lou Caccetta
Neil Calkin
Ji Young Choi
Charlie Colbourn
Diana Combe
Jeff Dinitz
Ralph Faudree
Aviezri Fraenkel
Chris Godsil
Ian Goulden
Frank Harary
Kathy Heinrich
Dean Hoffman
Derek Holton
Joan Hutchinson
David Jackson
Jeannette Janssen
Bill Kocay
Don Kreher
Clement Lam
Curt Lindner
Mirka Miller
USR Murty
Wendy Myrvold
Cheryl Praeger
Staszek Radziszowski
Bruce Richmond
Chris Rodger
Bob Robinson
Cecil Rousseau
Gordon Royle
Frank Ruskey
Carla Savage
Jennie Seberry
Neil Sloane
Joel Spencer
Ralph Stanton
Debbie Street
Carsten Thomassen
John van Rees
Ian Wanless
Herb Wilf
Nick Wormald

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Space for the USA mirror was kindly provided by the Department of Computer Science at the Rochester Institute of Technology. I do not have an official appointment at RIT, and wish to make it known that the contents of this gallery are my own responsibility entirely. These pictures are copyright to me to the extent permitted by law.

Brendan McKay.