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Packages that use Parser.Type
pj2 Compiler frontend generator

Uses of Parser.Type in pj2

Fields in pj2 declared as Parser.Type
 Parser.Type Parser.Pattern.type
          type (if not null), assumed plain.
 Parser.Type Parser.Rule.type
          type (if not null).

Methods in pj2 that return Parser.Type
 Parser.Type BnfBuilder.type(int position, List args)
          type: '<' Id ( ':' Id +/ ',' )?
 Parser.Type Parser.type(int position, String name, boolean flatten, String... interfaces)
          factory method.

Methods in pj2 with parameters of type Parser.Type
 Parser.Pattern Parser.pattern(int position, Parser.Type type, String name, String value)
          factory method.
 Parser.Rule Parser.rule(int position, Parser.Type type, String name, Parser.Node... nodes)
          factory method.

Constructors in pj2 with parameters of type Parser.Type
Parser.Pattern(int position, Parser.Type type, String name, String value)
          assumed unique, new, and within range, adds itself to Parser.patterns and Parser.yyNames, manages Parser.defined.
Parser.Rule(int position, Parser.Type type, String name, Parser.Node... nodes)
          assumed unique, new, adds itself to Parser.rules, manages Parser.defined.

(c) 2008 Axel T. Schreiner