Plan 9
with H.-P. Bischof, G. Imeyer, B. Kühl,
1999, Hanser, Munich, ISBN 3-446-18881-9.
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unix/mail und Blaue Blätter
CD, with H.-P. Bischof, J. Göers, P. Gremeyer,
1997, Hanser, Munich.
Einblicke ins Internet
CD, with H.-P. Bischof, J. Göers, P. Gremeyer,
1995, Hanser, Munich, ISBN 3-446-18512-7.


Objekt-orientierte Programmierung mit ANSI-C
1994, Hanser, Munich, ISBN 3-446-17426-5.

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Using C -- with curses, lex, and yacc
1990, Prentice-Hall, London, ISBN 0-13-932864-5;
German 1989, Hanser, Munich, ISBN 3-446-15391-8;
Japanese 1991, Toppan, ISBN 4-8101-8512-5.


UNIX Sprechstunde
1987, Hanser, Munich, ISBN 3-446-1494-9.


Introduction to Compiler Construction
with H. G. Friedman, Jr.,
1985, Prentice-Hall Software Series, New York, ISBN 0-13-474396-2;
German 1985, Hanser, Munich, ISBN 3-446-14359-9;
Japanese 1985, Keigaku, Tokyo, ISBN 4-7665-0266-3.


Dr. Dobbs Toolbook on C
(two chapters) 1985 Brady Publishing;
German 1985 Markt & Technik, Munich.
System-Programmierung in UNIX
Teil 1: Werkzeuge, 1984, Teubner, Stuttgart, ISBN 3-519-02470-5.
Teil 2: Techniken, 1986, Teubner, Stuttgart, ISBN 3-519-02471-3.


Computer Calculus
Vol 1, 1972, Stipes, Champaign.
Vol 2, 1973, Department of Mathematics, University of Illinois.


The C Programming Language by Kernighan and Ritchie
German with E. Janich 1990 and 1983, Hanser, Munich.


The C Answer Book by Tondo and Gimpel
German with E. Albrecht 1990 and 1987, Hanser, Munich.
The UNIX Programming Environment by Kernighan and Pike
German 1986, Hanser, Munich.
UNIX -- The Book by Banahan and Rutter
German with T. Mandry 1984, Hanser, Munich.
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