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CSCI-261 Analysis of Algorithms Syllabus

Spring Semester 2019 (2185)

Catalogue Description

This course provides an introduction to the design and analysis of algorithms. It covers a variety of classical algorithms and their complexity and will equip students with the intellectual tools to design, analyze, implement, and evaluate their own algorithms.

Prerequisites are: (CSCI 243 or SWEN-262) and (MATH 190 or MATH 200), or equivalent courses.

Course Outcomes

Instructor Contact

Aaron Deever
Office: GOL-3019 (inside Computer Science Main Office)
E-mail: atd (at) cs.rit.edu
Website: http://www.cs.rit.edu/~atd

I am usually good at answering emails promptly, however, there is no guarantee I'll respond during the evening or on weekends. If you have questions and I am not available, I highly recommend that you stop by the tutoring center (see below).

Office hours:

Office hours will be held in Breakout Room 4 (GOL-3672).

Theory tutoring center:

In addition to all of the usual support services RIT and the CS department offer, the CS theory faculty are offering their own tutoring service, featuring very qualified CS students. The tutoring takes place in the CS mentoring center (GOL-3660). For hours, see the theory tutoring page.


Section 02: Tuesday/Thursday, 2:00-3:15pm, GOL-2690.

Section 03: Tuesday/Thursday, 9:30-10:45am, SLA-2150.

Course Policies


Two excellent books are listed as recommended texts. Neither is explicitly required. You will probably find that reading the Kleinberg text is more useful during the semester (the schedule indicates appropriate readings in the Kleinberg textbook). Ten years down the road, you may find the Cormen text to be a more useful reference. All of the topics we cover will be supported through in-class slides and examples. In-class slides will be posted via MyCourses. Most of the topics we will cover are included in each of the recommended textbooks, although in some cases a topic is covered more in one than the other.

Additional Resources


Component Weight
  Final exam   25%
  Midterm exam   20%
  Homework assignments   35%
  Quizzes   20%

Grading policies:

CS Common Course Policies Include:

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