Uses of Interface

Packages that use Drawable
edu.rit.draw Package edu.rit.draw contains classes and programs for drawing diagrams and slides of all kinds. 
edu.rit.numeric.plot Package edu.rit.numeric.plot provides classes and interfaces for plotting data. 
edu.rit.numeric.plot.impl Package edu.rit.numeric.plot.impl provides low-level implementation classes for the high-level plotting classes in package edu.rit.numeric.plot
edu.rit.swing Package edu.rit.swing contains GUI components designed to work with Java Swing. 

Uses of Drawable in edu.rit.draw

Classes in edu.rit.draw that implement Drawable
 class Drawing
          Class Drawing provides a drawing.

Uses of Drawable in edu.rit.numeric.plot

Classes in edu.rit.numeric.plot that implement Drawable
 class Dots
          Class Dots provides operations for creating several common shapes of dots for plotting points.
 class Plot
          Class Plot is a class for creating and displaying a plot.

Uses of Drawable in edu.rit.numeric.plot.impl

Classes in edu.rit.numeric.plot.impl that implement Drawable
 class Label
          Class Label provides an object for drawing arbitrary text on a plot.
 class XYPlot
          Class XYPlot provides an XY plot.

Uses of Drawable in edu.rit.swing

Subinterfaces of Drawable in edu.rit.swing
 interface Displayable
          Interface Displayable specifies the interface for an object that can be displayed in a graphics context.
 interface Viewable
          Interface Viewable specifies the interface for an object that can be viewed on the screen using the View program.

Classes in edu.rit.swing that implement Drawable
 class DisplayableList
          Class DisplayableList provides an object that combines a list of separate Displayable objects into a single displayable object.

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