Class FindKeySmp2

  extended by edu.rit.smp.keysearch.FindKeySmp2

public class FindKeySmp2
extends Object

Class FindKeySmp2 is an SMP parallel program that solves an AES partial key search problem. The program's command line arguments are the plaintext (128-bit hexadecimal number), the ciphertext (128-bit hexadecimal number), the partial key with the n least significant bits set to 0 (256-bit hexadecimal number), and n, the number of key bits to search for. The ciphertext was created by encrypting the plaintext with the key; however, not all bits of the key are provided. The problem is to find the complete key. The program performs an exhaustive search, trying all possible values for the missing key bits until it finds the key that reproduces the given ciphertext from the given plaintext. Whereas program FindKeySmp always tries all possible keys, program FindKeySmp2 stops as soon as it finds the correct key.

Usage: java [ -Dpj.nt=K ] edu.rit.smp.keysearch.FindKeySmp2 plaintext ciphertext partialkey n
K = Number of parallel threads
plaintext = Plaintext (128-bit hexadecimal number)
ciphertext = Ciphertext (128-bit hexadecimal number)
partialkey = Partial key (256-bit hexadecimal number)
n = Number of key bits to search for

Method Summary
static void main(String[] args)
          AES partial key search main program.
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Method Detail


public static void main(String[] args)
                 throws Exception
AES partial key search main program.


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