Uses of Interface

Packages that use VectorFunction
edu.rit.mri Package edu.rit.mri contains parallel programs for an MRI spin relaxometry analysis problem. 
edu.rit.numeric Package edu.rit.numeric contains common classes for numerical computation. 

Uses of VectorFunction in edu.rit.mri

Classes in edu.rit.mri that implement VectorFunction
 class SpinSignalDifference
          Class SpinSignalDifference provides an object that computes the difference between a measured spin signal and a model spin signal.

Uses of VectorFunction in edu.rit.numeric

Fields in edu.rit.numeric declared as VectorFunction
 VectorFunction NonLinearLeastSquares.fcn
          The nonlinear functions fi(x) to be minimized.

Constructors in edu.rit.numeric with parameters of type VectorFunction
NonLinearLeastSquares(VectorFunction theFunction)
          Construct a new nonlinear least squares problem for the given functions.

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