Class ExponentialPrng

  extended by edu.rit.numeric.DoublePrng
      extended by edu.rit.numeric.ExponentialPrng

public class ExponentialPrng
extends DoublePrng

Class ExponentialPrng provides a pseudorandom number generator (PRNG) that generates random numbers with an exponential distribution. The probability density function is
    f(x) = λeλx, x ≥ 0
    f(x) = 0, otherwise
The distribution's mean is 1/λ and its standard deviation is 1/λ2.

An exponential distribution is often used to model arrivals or departures in a discrete event simulation. The mean arrival or departure rate is λ; the mean interarrival or interdeparture time is 1/λ.

Every call of the next() method results in one call of the underlying uniform PRNG's nextDouble() method.

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
ExponentialPrng(Random theUniformPrng, double lambda)
          Construct a new exponential PRNG.
Method Summary
 double next()
          Returns the next random number.
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Constructor Detail


public ExponentialPrng(Random theUniformPrng,
                       double lambda)
Construct a new exponential PRNG.

theUniformPrng - The underlying uniform PRNG.
lambda - Mean rate λ > 0.
NullPointerException - (unchecked exception) Thrown if theUniformPrng is null.
IllegalArgumentException - (unchecked exception) Thrown if λ ≤ 0.
Method Detail


public double next()
Returns the next random number.

Specified by:
next in class DoublePrng
Random number.

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