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Prof. Alan Kaminsky
Rochester Institute of Technology—Department of Computer Science

You may visit me in my office (Building 70, Room 3635—maps) any time. See my office schedule. I will always be in my office during scheduled office hours (unless there's an emergency)—no appointment needed. I will usually be in my office at other times except for classes, meetings, and other scheduled activities. Feel free to stop by whenever I am in my office. However, if you need to see me outside of office hours and need to make sure I will be in my office, please email me ahead of time and tell me the date and time when you would like to come, so I will know not to schedule anything else at that time.

You may contact me by email at ark­@­ To deter spambots, the email address is obfuscated. If you copy and paste my email address from this web site, it will not work. If you type in my email address by hand, it will work.

In addition, to combat the onslaught of spam, my email system is set to detect spam messages based on their format and content. The following are highly likely to be marked as spam:

  • Messages in HTML format
  • Messages with attached files (except student assignment submissions)
  • Messages advertising discount software, Rolex lookalikes, pharmaceuticals, mortgages, pornography, anatomy enhancement, microcap stocks, moneymaking schemes, etc.
  • Messages containing known spam-related web addresses

Messages marked as spam go into a separate spam folder, not my inbox. Occasionally, not on any regular basis, I clean out my spam folder and reply to any legitimate messages. You risk having to wait a long time for a reply if my email system thinks your message is spam.

When emailing me, omit the HTML formatting, fancy backgrounds, and vCards. Send me a plain text message with no attachments (except student assignment submissions) and you should have no problems getting your message past the spam filters and into my inbox.

Alan Kaminsky Department of Computer Science Rochester Institute of Technology 4571 + 2426 = 6997
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