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The Computer Science Department at the Rochester Institute of Technology provides leading programs in computer science whose graduates are globally recognized as innovative and well-prepared computing professionals.

Our Mission

The Department's mission is to provide students and faculty with an open environment that fosters professional and personal growth. We will prepare our students for successful careers in the computing professions through flexible programs of study that can be adapted to support individual career goals.

We will provide students with:

  • A strong theoretical and practical background across the computer science discipline with an emphasis on software development;
  • An understanding of their professional, ethical responsibilities;
  • Opportunities for research;
  • A rich skill set and practical experience enabling them to become valuable and creative contributors immediately upon graduation;
  • The skills necessary to continue their education, to grow professionally and to push the boundaries of conventional thinking long after graduation.

Furthermore, the Department will help faculty foster the growth and strength of its programs. In this regard, we will:

  • Adapt curriculum and pedagogy to complement the evolution of computer technology and the computing profession;
  • Accommodate the varied learning styles of a diverse student population;
  • Recognize and support faculty research and scholarship in computer science;
  • Support scholarship and creativity associated with curriculum development and innovative approaches to teaching.