Data Management

Corie Nicole Both: Improving the Implementation of Why Not Provenance
Advisor: Dr. Carlos Rivero

Joshua Daniel Randolph: MAD and Density Based Clustering
Advisor: Dr. Hans-Peter Bischof

Maninder Singh Jheeta: Security Evaluation of iOS Devices
Advisor: Dr. Leon Reznik

Parvathi Achuthanandan Nair: Implementation of Data Mining Platform using REST APIs
Advisor: Dr. Xumin Liu

Distributed Systems

Coleman Link: Integrating Kubernetes and RDMA 1. Prize Best Poster Presentation Award
Advisor: Dr. Minseok Kwon

Cliffton Fernandes: Smart Contracts on Permissioned and Permissionless Blockchain Networks
Advisor: Dr. Peizhao Hu

Jesse Ezra Saran: Specialized Resource Deployments in Kubernetes a New Method for Containers Requiring RDMA
Advisor: Dr. Minseok Kwon

Manpreet Kaur: Distributed Consensus Protocols in Permissioned Blockchain
Advisor: Dr. Peizhao Hu

Intelligent Systems

Darshan Chandrasen Kavathe: Monaural Speech Diarization
Advisor: Dr. Ifeoma Nwogu

Damian Guillermo Carcano: Reinforcement Learning for Path Selection
Advisor: Dr. Zack Butler

Justin R Lad: Investigating Convolutional Neural Networks
Advisor: Dr. Hans-Peter Bischof

Saransh Nema: Content Management using Blockchain
Advisor: Dr. Leon Reznik


Giovanni Frank Crisanti: Vulnerability Research on the Dark Souls Remastered P2P networking protocol
Advisor: Dr. Rajendra K. Raj

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