2178 Capstone Project Reports and Posters

Data Management

Manan Chetan Buddhadev: Financial Forecasting using Unstructured Data
Advisor: Dr. Carol Romanowski

Onkar Anil Deorukhkar: Analysis of Emotional Suppression and Cognitive Reappraisal
Advisor: Dr. Ifeoma Nwogu

Tushar Sharma: Symbolic understanding of anime with deep learning
Advisor: Dr. Ifeoma Nwogu

Distributed Systems

Aviral Dua: Adaptive Cache Replacement (ARC) Policy For Collaborative Caching
Advisor: Dr. Hans-Peter Bischof

Arjun Madan Dhuliya: Understanding Congestion Control in Large-scale RDMA Systems
Advisor: Dr. Minseok Kwon

Vishal Girish Bedi: Federated Certificate Authority
Advisor: Dr. Peizhao Hu

Intelligent Systems

Anuja Sambhaji Vane: Face Detection Using YOLO
Advisor: Dr. Ifeoma Nwogu

Niraj Jitendra Dedhia: Tags Recommendation for Posted Job
Advisor: Dr. Zack Butler

Vaibhavi Nilkant Awghate: Emotion Recognition using LSTM
Advisor: Dr. Ifeoma Nwogu

Vishal Vijay Kole: Transfer Learning On A Reinforcement Learning Application
Advisor: Dr. Zack Butler


Pavan Prabhakar Bhat: Secure Ecosystem For Location Based Social Android Apps
Advisor: Dr. Rajendra K. Raj

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