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Recent PhD Dissertations (advised by CS faculty)

Recent PhD Dissertations (advised by CS faculty)

Kenny Davila Castellanos
Symbolic and Visual Retrieval of Mathematical Notation using Formula Graph Symbol Pair Matching and Structural Alignment
Advisor: Dr. Richard Zanibbi
July 2017
Zack Fitzsimmons
Election-Attack Complexity for More Natural Models
Advisor: Dr. Edith Hemaspaandra
May 2017
Lei Hu
Features and Algorithms for Visual Parsing of Handwritten Mathematical Expressions
Advisor: Dr. Richard Zanibbi
May 2016
Srinivas Sridharan
Gaze Guidance, Task-Based Eye Movement Prediction and Real-World Task Interfence Using Ey Tracking
Advisor: Dr. Reynold Bailey
May 2016
Shiraz Qayyum
Effective and Effficient Communication and Collaboration in Participatory Environments
Advisor: Dr. Mohan Kumar
May 2015

Yuqiong Wang
Effects of Virtual Humans’ Facial Emotional Displays on Persuasion
Advisor: Dr. Joe Geigel
May 2015

Arthur Nunes-Harwitt
A Transformation-Based Foundation for Semantics-Directed Code Generation
Advisor: Dr. Axel Schreiner
December 2014

Suhair Alshehri
Toward Effective Access Control Using Attributes and Pseudoroles
Advisor:  Dr. Rajendra K. Raj
May 2014

Yuheng Wang
Computational Modeling of Human Dorsal Pathway for Motion Processing
Advisor: Dr. Roger S. Gaborski
May 2013

Andrew Lin
Solving Hard Problems in Election Systems
Advisor: Dr. Edith Hemaspaandra
April 2012