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Welcome to CS@RIT -- A Message from the Chair

Welcome to CS@RIT -- A Message from the Chair

It is my pleasure and privilege to welcome you to the website of the department of Computer Science  at RIT (CS@RIT).   CS@RIT is the largest, in terms of students, of more than 70 departments at RIT.  The department offers an ABET accredited 5-year BS degree that includes one year of mandatory coop program.  The MS and the combined BS/MS programs are also very popular.  Our PhD program is administered within the B. Thomas Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences.  The department has around 1250 students.  Our experiential programs provide opportunities for research, professional experience, study abroad and entrepreneurship. Typically a total of 275-300 students graduate from the three programs each year.  Our programs are highly sought after by students across the US and the world.  CS@RIT’s BS and MS programs are by far the largest attractors of students to RIT; more than 16% of RIT applicants seek CS programs.  The department also offers a successful graduate certificate course in Big Data Analytics. 

The department enjoys a strong network of alumni and an Industry advisory board comprising members from Amazon, Apple, CiSCo, IBM, Intel, Google, and other leading companies. Our faculty comprising 26 tenure-track and 13 lecturers are committed to excellence in teaching and research. We are a growing department, we have hired 5 tenure track faulty and 6 lecturers in the last 5 years and expect to hire at least 6 more faculty in the next couple of years.

In recent years, at CS@RIT we have significantly enhanced our research presence while maintaining our commitment to excellence in student instruction. Many of our faculty, established and new, are active researchers - constantly seeking funding, publishing in quality venues and supervising PhD students.  Recently,  our faculty have received (as PI/Co-PI) 4 NSF, one NSA and one foundation grants. We have ongoing research activities in computing education, data science, distributed systems, graphics and visualization, machine intelligence and pattern recognition, networking, pervasive and mobile computing, programming languages, security, and theory. 

We are proud of our achievements and excited by new opportunities as we aspire to be among the top computer science departments in the US.  Our biggest strength is our ‘people’.   Employment rate of  our BS and MS graduates is greater than 98%. Our PhD graduates have made meaningful contributions in their respective areas, and secured positions in industry and academia.  Our staff are also having a equally great time working alongside and contributing significantly to our achievements.  As computer science continues to be at the core of our lives, technology, science, society, and environment, it will continue to be the most attractive field of study to major and minor in. Here lie the challenges in terms of resources, and opportunities in research and teaching.  These are exciting times for computer science researchers, teachers, and students - future, current and past,  who have the opportunity to make a difference in the world we live in as developers, thinkers, and innovators.

At CS@RIT, our vision is to make dreams come true. Be it a prospective undergraduate /graduate student or faculty, we will endeavor provide to the right environment to flourish.

Mohan Kumar,
Professor and Chair