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Always know that you have something valuable to offer - Jordan Shea

Always know that you have something valuable to offer - Jordan Shea

We are thrilled to announce that Jordan Shea will speaking at not only at the GCCIS graduation, but at the RIT Academic Convocation ceremony as well! Jordan is a CS student who will be finishing with dual concentration in Distributed Systems and Security. He will also be finishing with a minor in Language Science (Linguistics).

After graduation, Jordan will be working as a software engineer for DigitalOcean in Manhattan, NYC. DigitalOcean specializes in providing inexpensive cloud services (Infrastructure as a Service, IaaS) to developers, and this has been the location for 2 out of his 3 co-ops from CS department. Jordan was a part of DigitalOcean's very first intern class, and according to him, this has been one of the most memorable experiences of his life. He plan to pursue avenues in data science while at DigitalOcean.

One of the most humbling experiences that Jordan has had as an RIT student came about in his work as a Student Lab Instructor for Computer Science I. He cannot count the number of times that students have had challenges and then come up with solutions that he never would have dreamed of. This reminds Jordan and all of us, that we all have something to learn from those who might appear to be less experienced than us. In terms of academics, his success within CS stems from the unwillingness to ever give up on a project.  In the course of his work, he observed that so many students come into CS with absolutely no programming experience, yet still excel - attitude and personality are valuable assets when it comes to computing skills.

As a student here, Jordan helped found TEDxRIT and served as the executive curator for TEDxRIT 2017. In that position, he coordinated the team of students that interviewed potential speaking candidates, many of which were faculty and students from our very own campus. In addition, he also held executive board positions within the RIT Club Football, and helped raise over $1000 for the Special Olympics with the club. Lastly, some notable quotes from Jordan, " Make yourself uncomfortable; always know that you have something valuable to offer; continue to celebrate inclusiveness and embrace the quirkiness of RIT”.