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Three Year NSF Grant Awarded to Explore Network Security

Three Year NSF Grant Awarded to Explore Network Security

CS Assistant Professor, Dr. Hossein Hojjat has just received a 3 year grant from the National Science Foundation to explore Federated Network Security.

The project is entitled “A New Approach to Federated Network Security” and as Dr. Hojjat explains

"Network operators today lack mechanisms for specifying and enforcing federated security policies. Existing approaches usually assume a single administrative domain so are unable to handle the challenges that arise in federated settings. Achieving the security guarantees typically requires cooperation and trust between multiple organizations - something that can be difficult to achieve when relying on ad-hoc mechanisms. This proposal presents a comprehensive research plan for solving these challenges using an approach based on Proof-Carrying Code (PCC). In this approach, the code provider will need to verify the code for certain safety and liveness properties, and encode the proof of this fact as a logical certificate. The code recipient will then validate the certificate using a simple, trustworthy proof checker, and only will execute the code if the check succeeds."

The grant begins in Fall 2017 and continues through summer of 2020.