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Industrial Advisory Board

Industrial Advisory Board

The Computer Science Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) consists of leaders from the industrial and government sectors who help the department to ensure that "real-world" concerns are incorporated into our programs. One of the primary goals of the board is to help the department to create curricula that continues to meet the changing needs of industry.

CS Industrial Advisory Board Members

David Cok
Associate VP of Technology
Gramma Tech

Tony Dal Santo
Senior Principal Engineer

Kim Vangelder
CIO & Senior VP
Eastman Kodak Company

James Janicki
Business Unit Director
RTEmd (Sparton Corporation)

Sean Janis
Software Development Manager, Mobile

Michael Kirby

Julianne Klie
Veritor Executive

Tad Hunt
Product Manager

Greg Kohl
Chief Administrative Officer
Sharp Notions, LLC

Paul Monette
Thomson Reuters

David Oran
Cisco Fellow
Cisco Systems

Douglas Phair
Technology Evangelist

Aaron Robinson
Senior Software Engineer

Mary Swift
Advisory NLP Software Engineer

Anoop Thomas
Graphics Programmer
Rockstar Games

David Wagner
Chief Administrative Officer
Sharp Notions, LLC

Laura Weime
Eva Automation

Lisa Withers

John Marshall
Distinguished Engineer
Cisco Systems

Ajith Prabhakara
Manager, Product Management

Bridget Beamon-Robertson
Senior Professional Engineer
The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Labratory

Aaron Rallo
Chief Executive Officer
TSO Logic

Erik Haddad
UX Engineer

David Doerman
University of Buffalo