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How to Apply

The Opera House
Osnabrueck, Germany
Christmas Market
The Rathause and the Stadtwage
Osnabrueck, Germany
Germany Map
Cafe am Markt
Marktplatz by night
University of Osnabrueck Administrative Building
St. Mary's Church
Osnabrueck, Germany
University of Osnabrueck Library
Marktplatz by day
A stroll past the Weinkruger restaurant

How to Apply


Students must be at least second year status, be in good academic standing with the institute (3.0 cumulative GPA), be able to take a minimum of one CS course offered, and demonstrate the ability to articulate how this study abroad experience will fit with his/her academic goals.

Students must complete an application for the RIT Study Abroad Office.


Students must have completed at least one year of formal German language at RIT or have sufficient previous knowledge of the language. A cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 is required, and acceptance is based on the student's academic standing, recommendations, and personal study statement.

You should first speak with either Dr. Hans-Peter Bischof or Rebecca O'Connor about your interest in and qualifications for the program. The CS department will host a kick-off Germany Study Abroad meeting every fall semester. If interested in applying to this program, please attend the first meeting to receive details on other application procedures. An application for SUNY Oswego, the RIT Study Abroad Office, and the CS Department is required.