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Department of Computer Science Scholarship Application

Department of Computer Science Scholarship Application

Applications for CS Awards and Scholarships are due by midnight on Wednesday, March 20th 2019. You must provide a response to all fields or your application will not be considered.

Contact Information
Which scholarship are you applying for?

You may apply for multiple scholarships if you meet the application criteria. You must submit a separate application for each one. Descriptions of the scholarships can be found here.


Please provide the names of two references. One reference must be a Computer Science faculty member or academic advisor; the second reference must be a faculty member from any RIT department (including Computer Science). Your references do not need to provide a recommendation letter to accompany your application, but they may be contacted later by the scholarship award committee and asked to provide a reference verbally or in writing.

Reference 1
Reference 2
Essay Requirement

Please include a written statement of your need for scholarship assistance. Explain why you are requesting assistance, why a scholarship award will be of benefit to your studies, and how you plan to put the award to use in support of your academic success. Your statement should focus on the requirements of the individual scholarship. We suggest that you compose your essay in Word, carefully spell check and edit, and then paste into this form. Submissions containing typos or sloppy grammar will not be considered.