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Advanced Placement & Placement Exams

Advanced Placement & Placement Exams

The Department of Computer Science evaluates and awards Advanced Placement (APĀ®) credit based on the following chart:

AP Credit Chart for Semesters

Placement Exams When Entering RIT

RIT Math Placement Exam (ALEKS or MPE)

The Computer Science program at RIT requires a calculus sequence as part of your course requirements. In an effort to enable you to succeed in your college math courses, the math department has developed an on-line calculus placement test. The purpose of this exam is to assess mastery of some of the fundamental mathematical concepts that you may have seen in your high school math courses. In particular, it tests skills in algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and functions, all of which are crucial to succeed in the various calculus sequences at RIT. The placement exam has no effect on your GPA. It simply provides a strong recommendation to us in the CS department regarding the suitable course to begin your required mathematics sequence.

All entering students whose program requires a calculus sequence, including those who have AP credit and those who may have transfer credit, will need to take this exam online (once credit is received and processed, this may affect a student's course placement). The Computer Science department will not be able to register you for a math course until you have taken this exam.

Failing to take this exam may affect your ability to be placed in the appropriate course at a later date because seats are limited. In addition, your financial aid may be affected if your schedule does not include the minimum number of credits (12). Therefore, the placement exam will be available for your convenience online at from May 15th to June 30th, 2017. Technical support is available Monday-Friday, 9:00am - 4:00pm by calling 585-475-7060.

RIT Writing Placement Exam (WPE)

The purpose of the WPE is to determine whether students are able to be registered directly into a writing course or if they must take the Basic Writing course first. The WPE is a writing test in which the student is asked to write an essay of four to five paragraphs. Students may have fifty (50) minutes to write the essay. Students may take the WPE only once, so they should endeavor to do their best on the exam.

Students do NOT have to take the WPE if they meet the following criteria:

- An SAT verbal score of 560 or higher
- An SAT essay exam score of 6 or higher
- An ACT English portion score of 23 or higher

The WPE is available online at only during the month of June, 2017. To access the exam, students use their RIT username and password to log in to MyCourses. All students were sent a postcard in May outlining the exam details.