I fly a purple banner every day to celebrate and support cancer survivors.
Purple Tuesday sponsored by Chevrolet.

Trudy Howles, Ed.S., Ph.D.

CSQE American Society for Quality

Spring courses: Introduction to Big Data (CSCI-620) and Big Data Analytics (CSCI-720). Students should look for materials in myCourses.

Other information about me and my contact information may be found here.

How to Contact Me

Email me at tmh AT cs DOT rit DOT edu

Other Information for Students

  • A link to the IEEE paper template is here. (.doc)
  • The .arff files for the Weka lab are here
  • The JDBC jar file for the database class is here
  • A Student's Guide to 'try'

  • Other Links

  • Computer Science Home Page
  • RIT Home Page

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