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Packages that use Parser.Level
pj2 Compiler frontend generator

Uses of Parser.Level in pj2

Subclasses of Parser.Level in pj2
 class Parser.Left
 class Parser.Nonassoc
 class Parser.Right

Fields in pj2 with type parameters of type Parser.Level
protected  ArrayList<Parser.Level> Parser.levels
          collects Levels in order of definition.

Methods in pj2 that return Parser.Level
 Parser.Level BnfBuilder.level(int position, List args)
          level: '%' Id ( id | literal )+ ';'; The first Id must be left, right, or nonassoc.
 Parser.Level Parser.level(int position, String assoc, Parser.Node... nodes)
          factory method.

Methods in pj2 with parameters of type Parser.Level
 void Visitor.visit(Parser.Level node)
          delegates to visit(Node).
 void Gen.visit(Parser.Level level)
 void Dump.visit(Parser.Level level)
          show position and indented level.

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