CS1: Muddiest Water

Each Wednesday by midnight, you must send me an email (afb@cs.rit.edu). This email should contain a writeup about the previous week's lab, plus the muddiest point for you in the past week. (See list below for more detail.) The goal of this exercise is to not only have you reflect on the material that has been covered, but also to provide me some feedback on what you have individually absorbed or had difficulty with. (Please make the subject of the e-mail ``Muddy Water'' to help me identify the homework for the week.)

For my part in this homework, each week I will make a web page listing the muddiest points you and your classmates have identified, along with some clarification. If many of you identify the same items as a stumbling block, I will strive to spend more time on those points in class. Or, I may choose to talk with you individually about the area(s) you find difficult.

While this is not a graded exercise per se, I will be much more inclined to go the extra distance for you, say for example, if your grades are borderline, than I would if you do not participate. And, if you are one of those who doesn't ask questions in class for fear of appearing "stupid", here's your chance to do so without anyone looking on! (I KNOW there are no stupid questions!)

  1. Write a paragraph or two describing the following:

  2. The Muddiest Point:

    Reflect on the material that has been covered since last Wednesday. This includes lab, lecture and reading. Identify the point(s) that are the most confusing to you, but be sure to clearly identify these so I can tell what they are. For example, you might identify a paragraph in a particular lab activity, or a page or a section from the textbook, an example I did in class, or a series of slides covered in class. If you feel that you thoroughly understood everything, just write that.

Andreas F. Borchert, December 2, 2001,
shamelessly stolen from http://www.cs.rit.edu/~ncs/Courses/cs1/Muddiest.html