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Joe Geigel is an an Associate Professor of Computer Science at RIT.   He received his doctorate in Computer Science in 2000 from the George Washington University in Washington D.C.    Joe's primary research interests are in Computer Graphics,  animation, and multimedia storytelling.

Previous to his academic career, Joe held a variety of  research and development positions in industry at companies including Eastman Kodak, Bell Laboratories, Bellcore, and RCA Solid State.    Just prior to joining the faculty at RIT, Joe was a Senior Web technologist at theatre.com / BroadwayOnLine.com where he applied 3D Web technologies to theatrical applications.

For the past 5 years, his main research efforts have focused on the Virtual Theatre project.   The goal of this project is to enable a live theatrical performance on a virtual stage with participants sharing the experience from different physical locales.   He  also uses this project as a springboard for interdisciplinary education promoting collaboration and teamwork between artists and technologists. In addition to his work on Virtual Theatre,  Joe has published in the areas of tone reproduction, sound synthesis, multimedia systems, and curicular design for graphics education.

Joe is an active and long time member of ACM/SIGGRAPH and an avid fan of Broadway musicals.  The first Broadway show he attend was "The Magic Show" in 1975, starring Doug Henning.

Joe Geigel

Dr. Joe Geigel


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